Simple yet Complicated Work of Nature

An urban life, hectic days, and stressful work...

People hardly have time to think about things that may not seem to affect their daily life directly.

For instance,
the fact that we humans are kept alive by Mother Nature.

There is air, water, light, and darkness.
Then there exist trees, forests, creatures, and humans.

The chain of life seems nothing special and may not grab much attention.

However, it is in fact nothing short of miraculous.
Underneath the all-too-simple surface, there is a deep complexity.
The lives of all living things are intricately entwined.

When I walk into a rainforest, things that I don't usually think about on a jam-packed train, such as biodiversity and the gift of nature, suddenly come to life before me.

Huggled in the buttress roots of a massive tree, I listen in rapt attention to the sounds of the forest and gaze at sunbeams streaming through foliage. I feel life in my bones.

To live life as a person, there are many important things such as money, social status, fame, love, and dream. In this world, however, there is one most valuable thing that is absolutely incomparable with anything else.

That is nature.

Healthy natural environment on earth is what makes life flourish.

When I try to understand the life in the jungle, I feel like being brought back to who I really am as part of this ecosystem. And I want to cherish these kind of special feelings as long as I live.

 Cheers to Mother Nature!


Justin said...
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Justin said...

great post rumi. keep up the great writing.

RUMI   said...


Thanks for your support.

carol said...

wonderful site... you have given me an opportunity to visit a beautiful part of this world through your photos and text...thanks....and much peace, carol

RUMI   said...


thanks for your compliment. i hope you can see why i am so passionate about nature from reading my blog.